Something new

This blog is new. So new, in fact, that I don’t think it’s even been born yet. Conceived and embryonic maybe. Forming into… something.

I think this is why I’ve had such a rough time composing this second post. I don’t have a proper vision for this thing yet. Now, I know I listed a few topics in my introduction last week. The tricky part is binding all of that together. If not with a consistent theme, then a consistent tone or focus.

Or not.

Perhaps it’s best to keep everything loose and free. Unconfined. Not to worry about whether something I want to say will agree with everything else I’ve said, or how I said it. In the words of Walt:

“Do I contradict myself?
Very well, then, I contradict myself;
(I am large – I contain multitudes)”

Something else that is new: the door that will open because of this undertaking. Each of my other online social media experiences, from LiveJournal to Twitter, have enriched my life. With new friends: ones that I’ve actively sought out and met in person. With enlightenment: insight gained through new perspectives, new music, new films. Most amazing is when this “new” happens in a seemingly random manner. Happy accidents that enrich my life.

So, here’s to what’s around the corner. I have no idea what’s coming, and I like it that way. If this were Twitter, I’d end that with a smiley face emoticon. (are they still called emoticons??)


Next time, on a very special Misanthropoeia, I think I’ll tackle the crazy richness of a Polish agnostic’s audacity in creating a ten-part TV series based loosely on the Ten Commandments. Or perhaps I’ll discuss how one Swedish film redeemed the vampire genre for me. Or, why I think women consistently write the best novels. Stay tuned.

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12 Responses to Something new

  1. there’s much truth to what uncle walt says. he’s always served me well, as has j.r.r. tolkien, who penned the gem: “not all who wander are lost.” leave it open. your words will find their way around you. here’s to happy accidents, and obscure blossom references. i will now cross the streams and end with a πŸ™‚

  2. tiffanyreisz says:

    I like your blog. But it needs more cock shots. #justatip


    I love you, Benny!


  3. Amy Loverley says:

    One of the most wonderful things about you, Benny, is your mind. I look forward to reading and discovering where it leads you. (And I agree with Tiff, cock shots wouldn’t go amiss.) πŸ˜‰

  4. This is Ben.

    This is Ben with a blog!

    See Ben blog.

    Blog, Ben, blog!

  5. β€œIt is said that the present is pregnant with the future.”- Voltaire
    (Thus concludes my deep thoughts and intellectualism for the day.)

  6. I got nothing. My brain is feeling pretty hazy this evening.

    However, I do think that your blog will find its own path. (now I have an image of a zombie blog …’worrrrrrrds…..’) Or rather, you’ll figure out what to do. πŸ™‚

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